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11 January 2009 @ 07:46 pm
I figured it's about time I shortened my profile on ff.net. So here's where I'm going to post a guide to all my fics. Mind you, these are only the completed ones, the ones that are still in progress will still be posted there until I finally finish them.

Stories that are completed:

Frost - Sukka - A gift fic for Rose Gilmore because she's such a nice person.  I don't particularly like the pair, but I know it's her OTP.  Will NOT be continued. (Oneshot)

Cards - LeeTen - Based off the first chapter in the story Legendary, this is the tale of what happened to Lee and Tenten after they left the bar.

Ardor - Taang - Oh yeah, you read that right! TAANG! At long last! I had these sentences done since almost August, but there were five prompts that were giving me a hard time. FIVE. Do you guys have ANY idea what it's like to have something almost completely done except that you have writer's block for FIVE prompts that are only ONE sentence long?! Well, I do, and let me tell you, it sucks. Buuut! The main point is that I got over that hitch, and TA DA!! I've never felt so accomplished before :3. (Oneshot)

Ricochet - N/P - A ficlet about Ursa and Azula. (Oneshot)

Rummikub - N/P - Okay, this is a really silly fic. It was inspired while I was playing the game against my friend, and the way it played out made me think of Azula & Zuko playing it, though ours didn't have quite the same ending XD. (Oneshot)

Confessions - LeeTen - I love this pairing so much. Anyway, the title might be a bit misleading, but this isn't a fic about them pledging their undying love for each other. I think it's a bit of an overused point what I did, but then again, I usually like showing the subtlety of their relationship, which is one of the things I find most endearing about it. (Oneshot)

Breeze - NejiTen - This was inspired by the fanart Fresh Air by RamaChan on deviantART. I really don't like the NejiTen pairing, but when I saw that picture...wow. The inspiration hit me pretty hard, and I just had to write this. (Oneshot)

Controversy - Sokkla - Can I just say how much I love this pairing? Like, srsly. Anyway, this is sort of a companion piece to Casanova, but not really. (Oneshot)

Interlude - N/P - Okay, well, let me explain. Even though I really hate how the finale ended with Katara interfering in the Azula/Zuko fight, I couldn't help but feel a little respect for the Waterbender when she turned away instead of watching Azula fall apart (better than Zuko, that's for sure). So it just made me wonder what she might've been thinking/feeling at that time that caused her to do that. I don't know, I think Katara's a compassionate person enough that she'd feel Azula's pain, even with their given history. Eh, it's just speculation anyway. (Oneshot)

Top Ten Truths About Shippers - N/P - Got the idea for it from all the ship wars in the a:tla verse XD it's similar to my other fic Top Ten Things I Hate About You, which people wanted a shipping sequel to. (Eleven Chapters)

Conversations - TenLee - This was inspired by the story Steps by Talchum, which I highly recommend reading. This takes place after Lee's fight with Gaara in the Chunnin Prelims. Seriously, that fight was made of epic win, I don't think any other fight in the manga really kept you on the edge of your seat like that one did! Anyway, Lee gets a visitor in the hospital other than Gai. (Oneshot)

Crossroads - N/P - Written after watching "The Boiling Rock". Ozai's Angel's/Zuko centric. (Poetry - Oneshot)

Inane - N/P - This was written for TrueThinker, because she's simply awesome that way. It's slightly AU/AR. (Three Chapters)

The Puppet's Revenge - SasoSaku - Oh man, I haven't posted anything Naruto in over a year! (Midnight Lust was published a year and one day ago o_o;) Avatar's been eating up all my inspiration lately (the show's just so awesome!), but I really wanted to do something with Sasori and Sakura ever since I read about their fight in the manga, which was one of the most awesome fights ever (save for the one between Lee and Gaara in the chuunin prelims, and Naruto and Sasuke's at the Valley of the End)! I'm going to try and post more Naruto stories, though, I'm not sure if I'll be doing anything else for this pairing, since Sasori's kind of dead, which sucks, and makes him harder to write for. Fun little fact: If you check the word count on this poem, it adds up to 666. Coincidence? Probably ;) (Poetry - Oneshot)

A Study in the Art of Bending - N/P - Ah, please don't read this if you have an extremely over-active imagination. (Oneshot)

Echoes - Taang - I finally write a Taang, and this is what happens. Well, at least I finally got something for this pairing written, after neglecting it for so long. (Oneshot)

Top Ten Things I Hate About You - N/P - This was written because my siblings were getting on my nerves, so I decided to do a list for the two sets of siblings of Avatar. Zuko and Azula, Sokka and Katara. Mai's list is done, and with that, this story. Thank you all so much for taking out the time to read and review, even if I'll never understand exactly why you decided to. (Seven chapters)

Casanova - Sokkla - A little bit late for the season, but I had this idea in my head for a while now, and I finally managed to get it out on paper. After writing so much angst, I'm happy that I was able to write something a little humorous, and even better, that it was Sokkla!

Siblings - N/P - Done for the 1sentence community on LJ. I've wanted to do those for a while now. It's all about Zuko & Azula, and no, it's not incest.

Contrasting Shades - N/P - After reading yet another fic where Azula's character is turned into some demonic spawn of the underworld, I felt compelled to write this, if only in her defense. Special message to fanfic writers out there: STOP ABUSING HER! (Poetry - Oneshot)

Lullaby - Kataang - I still do not support Kataang. This story actually started out as a Taang (believe it or not), but as I was typing it up, it somehow evolved into what it is now. (Oneshot)

Just Deserts - N/P - This is dedicated to Forlorn Maiden, cause she made my day when she told me about the DVD cover for season three. It is of the greatest irony that she, who always took without mercy, would end up bringing life to the world. A/N: I just wanted to say thank you to every single person who took out the time to read and review, you guys have seriously exceeded my expectations for this one. I was so sure that it wasn't going to get a single review that I'm completely blown by all the feedback, hits, and faves. So thank you to everyone, those who I know and was able to respond to, and those who remain anonymous. (Oneshot)

Fireworks - N/P - Inspired by the fireworks for Independence Day. In America we celebrate our triumph over the British. In the Fire Nation, they celebrate a different kind of victory. (Oneshot)

Twenty Facts About Zuko and Azula - N/P - This is based off of Sangi's: Twenty Things About Sokka and Ty Lee. It is not incest. Just a different look at the brother/sister relationship when those two were growing up. (Oneshot)

Behind Closed Doors - N/P - I find that authors often empathize with Zuko because his father never loved him or paid him any attention. Sometimes I wonder, if Zuko knew what Azula went through to become what she did, if he would still have been so jealous. This is a speculative story on how Ozai molded his daughter into the girl we know her as today. (Oneshot)

Fated - Kataang - Don't misunderstand me. I do not support Kataang. This is mostly a speculative story based on the prediction by Aunt Wu. Aang may be a powerful bender, but do not forget the first half of the reading, and that was, "a great romance". (Oneshot)

The Older Brother Complex - Sokkla - A twist on an old Zutara cliché. Toph attempts to explain to Zuko the "finer points" of being an older brother. (Oneshot)

A TophxAang Story - Taang - Takes place sometime during "Tales of Ba Sing Se" and "Appa's Lost Days". In an attempt to silence the Avatar, Long Feng uses Toph to get rid of him. (Three chapters)

Some Things Never Change - TahuxGali - Transported 2,000 years into the future, Gali finds that the more things change, the more they stay the same. (Five chapters)

Midnight Lust - SasuSaku - Wow. Wow, wow, wow! Over 500 hits in the first week alone when I posted this, 5 C2’s, and fourteen reviews! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten for a one shot! I’m really glad everyone liked it so much, I was really proud of how it came out. The idea literally fell out of the sky. I still remember sitting at work, 4 days before Halloween, thinking about Sasuke and Sakura, and then this idea hit me. Ha ha, I had to write it out on copy paper because I didn’t have any of my notebooks with me XD. (Oneshot)

The Ugly within Nature - SaiSaku - I really hate this pairing, to be honest. It was written for my friend, arriku-chan, who draws awesome artwork of them together. That’s what inspired this story, so go check her out. (Oneshot)

Strands of Rumors - Rumorshipping - This was written for my friend, Kisara-chan, cause I promised her I’d write a rumorshipping one shot. I think it came out pretty decent. (Oneshot)

Tribute to Yami and Yugi - N/P - I wrote this after I finished watching that episode where Yugi lets himself be taken by the Orichalchos (sp?) instead of Yami. To be honest, I thought it was corny at first, and totally cliché, but when I was talking about it to my friends, they wouldn’t stop going on and on about how emotional and sad it was, and…yeah, that’s what inspired this. A/N: Wow, this one finally got 100 hits! Thank you everyone who read it, even if you didn't comment! (Poetry - Oneshot)

All links open in a new window if you click it. That is all. Hope you had fun reading through my rambles, and if you do end up reading something, feedback is always appreciated ^^