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23 November 2008 @ 03:09 am
Wishlist Thing  
Oh man, I keep forgetting that I need to make a post for the naruto_wishlist comm, so that whoever's doing my gift knows what I like ^__^

Alright, so let me just say that I LOVE LEETEN LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! No seriously, if you really, really, REALLY want to make me happy, doing LeeTen for me will like, make my entire month. Not day, not week, but MONTH. I will be so happy and thrilled and excited and...um...you get the point ^^;

Anyway, I really love angst when it comes to this pairing. I know that they don't seem like the angst-y type of pairing, but honestly, I'm so tired of looking at happy, fluffy art, that I'd really like to see something a bit more serious.

I also tend to like sexual tension more than angst XD so a picture of Lee with Tenten up against the wall about to kiss her, or kissing her, would be like, SO awesome. Or even something more original then that. Anything that has emotion in it, the kind that you feel what's happening just by looking at the picture would really make my day week MONTH.

I would give a link to some pieces, but unfortunately, art like that is too few and far between T__T

As for SasoSaku, anything with this pairing goes. I also like angst for this pair, and again, anything with emotion in it is so loved. It doesn't have to be shippy, per se, they could be fighting, staring each other down, even trying to kill each other XD but you know, it should feel almost like it's alive ^^

NaruHina I would really like something original for that. A manga page would be very, very loved <3 I actually like humor better for these two, believe it or not XD if only because I've had my fill of angst fics/art and I'd like to see something funny. Something like Naruto trying to romance her in front of Hiashi would be HILARIOUS. I just don't think there's enough art/fics/comics out there like that! XD

I hope I'm not being too specific or picky, really, just make sure to have fun with whatever you decide to do <3 ^^